At a glance | Our history

Carbonleo has been developing and delivering world-class real estate projects since 2012.
We have our teams to thank for that, the 160+ driven and committed specialists who give
life to iconic experiences and spread the joy of connected living.

We are based in quebec, and our talent pool spans a wealth of real estate and retail expertise.

Le Royalmount
Le Quartier DIX30
L’Hôtel et les résidences privées Four Seasons de Montréal

Company culture | Who we are

We are
story builders

Carbonleo is a leading Quebec-based property development and management company. Each day, our teams give life to innovative, sustainable, energizing living spaces.

At Carbonleo, we build stories, both literally and figuratively; meaningful experiences and collaborations. Our goal is to enrich the lives of communities, put people at the centre of our growth, and be environmentally proactive.

We will nurture
your passion

We thrive on real estate as much as we do on human connections. We run a welcoming workplace, where innovation, creativity and taking initiative are genuinely encouraged.

They form the objectives that bind us, and together, we create worlds and lifestyles that are unforgettable.

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The employee experience:
Our priority

At carbonleo, we believe a stimulating work environment promotes creativity, passion and energy.This is why the quality of the employee experience is at the heart of our mission.

We strive to foster a human and inclusive culture by valuing positive interactions and measurable impacts, by aspiring toward individual and collective wellbeing.


Ours is a fair and inclusive workplace governed by mutual respect for each of our actions.


We are driven to innovate, and therefore actively encourage training that furthers our employees’ professional development.


Balancing our professional and personal lives in a healthy way is not a luxury, but a priority. We not only recognize this, we practice it.


Our teams enjoy an array of benefits: health insurance plan, wellness programs, unlimited vacation policy.

So everyone
is happy

Join a passionate team of determined professionals
focused on elevating carbonleo to new heights.


  • Permanent job
  • Very competitive salary
  • Flexible arrangements (at the office/from home)
  • Many of the employee benefits are administered in-house
  • Employee assistance program
  • Telemedicine access
  • Unlimited paid time off
  • Health snacks
  • Modern, bright, open-plan offices
  • Employee referral program

Your human resources

At carbonleo, we’ve built a framework that makes room for both individual advancement and the success of the company as a whole.

The HR team plays a key role in the happiness and wellbeing of each employee.

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