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Carbonleo Receives Recommendations

Montreal, January 24, 2019—In connection with the adoption of recommendations for the Royalmount project made by the Commission sur le développement économique et l’urbanisme et l’habitation, Carbonleo has received proposals for the project and plans to take the next few days to analyze them in detail. However, from the outset, Carbonleo─ which since 2012 has complied with the regulations adopted by the Agglomeration and existing planning, as well as with municipal regulations ─ announces its favourable response to the recommendations that propose greater cooperation in the years ahead in order to further improve this world-class project. Carbonleo is confident in the future of the project.

“Carbonleo acknowledges the work of members of the Commission and would like to thank them for their constructive recommendations today, which ultimately will make it possible to improve a project that has already been endorsed in several briefs as a bold and timely initiative for the entire Island of Montreal. A number of stakeholders, including some of the most influential players in economic development, such as the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal, Tourisme Montréal, the Hotel Association of Greater Montreal, Association provinciale des contructeurs d’habitations du Québec (APCHQ), Montreal International and the Quebec federation of chambers of commerce , have recognized the exceptional potential of the Royalmount project,” said Claude Marcotte, Executive Vice President and Partner at Carbonleo. He added that Royalmount is a long-term project that will be rolled out gradually, one that is based on growth in the domestic market, that will likely contribute to an increase in foreign travellers, to the completion of numerous metropolitan infrastructures, to the expansion of the BIXI network and the addition of several hundred buses that will enhance transit service.

While the developer is open to consultation and improvement, having worked with the various levels of government for many years, it believes that a time-out for this project is unnecessary, since it has complied with all applicable laws, regulations and planning requirements. For Carbonleo, changing the rules of the game at this stage, such as by introducing new requirements, would be detrimental to Montreal’s competitiveness, given the sustained rapid pace of real estate and commercial development of the Island and the desire to attract more foreign investment to Quebec. “Royalmount is an outstanding opportunity for Montreal: it is 100% privately funded and based on the latest land-use plan to densify and restructure this sector ─ like other local projects that are being implemented.” Carbonleo is confident that, with local consultation, it will be possible to maximize the project’s positive impacts without calling into question the extensive, and appreciably beneficial work done in recent years.

Carbonleo also wishes to emphasize the contribution of many professionals  who have worked tirelessly for many years to identify concrete and valuable improvements. From Greater Montreal’s transportation authorities, including the City of  Montreal, the STM and the MTQ, to WSP engineers and the developers’ planning team, hundreds of hours have been devoted to studies and solutions.


A partnership for integrated mobility solutions

With regard to the Commission’s opinion on mobility issues, Carbonleo has launched exhaustive studies to document and propose solutions for the existing problem of chronic traffic congestion and the almost non-existent public and active transit options. Carbonleo is therefore well aware of this challenge and is contributing to the implementation of integrated solutions, notably through the collaborative mechanisms proposed by the Commission.

“By mandating WSP to study all of the potential effects, we have far exceeded our responsibilities by contributing to a broader reflection, in collaboration with the development projects in this sector, such as the Hippodrome and other projects located in the Triangle area. Our hope is that the issue of transportation is not perceived as a obstacle for development, but rather as an opportunity to transform mobility to make it a driver of both economic vitality and sustainable development. Carbonleo is committed to proposing innovative solutions to encourage a massive shift from the single-occupant vehicle to public transit and active transportation,” added M. Marcotte. He also pointed out that company would assume the costs of building a walkway to de La Savane metro station, which is currently underused.


A positive signal to include a residential component in the project

As suggested by Montreal’s municipal council, Carbonleo intends to add a residential component and recognizes that the Commission’s recommendations sends a strong signal in this regard. Carbonleo therefore plans to present an integrated residential project that would foster the creation of a planned neighbourhood. This project, which was not yet presented to the Commission due to lack of time, will eventually also be subjected to the existing regulatory process.

“The Commission’s openness is the first step toward a planning approach that will enable us to include schools and services for nearby residents.  Carbonleo will certainly propose a variety of elements to ensure the harmonious integration of this component,  making it a real TOD,  focused on pedestrians and active transportation,” added Mr Marcotte. He also indicated that all environmental factors, such as air quality and noise, will be studied to ensure that they comply.


Innovations to support sustainable development

This multipurpose complex will have by far the lowest ratio of parking spots in the entire Montreal region, a very small percentage of which will be surface. Royalmount will also provide an opportunity to eliminate one of the largest heat islands on the Island by creating Canada’s largest private green roof. “We’re particularly looking forward to presenting our sustainable development initiatives, which will include a linear park of more than 2 km, inspired by New York City’s Highline, and which will be connected to the residential quarter, in addition to creating an energy loop to reduce residents’ carbon footprint: two initiatives that echo the briefs presented before the Commission,” explained Mr Marcotte.

Carbonleo, which remains the long-term owner of the Royalmount site, points out that it is participating actively in Montreal’s economic vitality, notably with its investments on Sainte-Catherine Street. It is grateful of Commission’s commendation of its attentive participation at the presentation of the briefs. Carbonleo plans to remain open to improving the project and fully committed to revitalizing the sector.


About Royalmount

Located in the centre of the Island of Montreal, the Royalmount project is aimed at creating an urban oasis where people can congregate and fostering connectivity in a new multipurpose development combining the traditional with the modern. Its objective to bringing people and families together in what was once an industrial wasteland. Featuring numerous public spaces, including a piazza, a pedestrian street and 2 km linear park inspired by the celebrated Highline in New York, it will feature activities that are within walking distance, offering visitors numerous activities and vibrant spaces, surrounded by architecture that is characteristic of the city. Its goal is to attract and inspire an inclusive community that will come from Montreal and around the world.

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About Carbonleo

Carbonleo is first and foremost a builder of experiences. Bolstered by the success of its earlier innovative mixed-use projects, the company is dedicated to revitalizing Montreal and creating a variety of promising and remarkable high-value projects that are perfectly integrated into the regions where they come to life. Founded in 2012, the Quebec-based real estate developer and manager takes a progressive, human and vibrant approach with a strong emphasis on experience. Inspired by top designers and international best practices, Carbonleo develops real estate projects in response to present and future trends. It employs more than 60 people and provides incomparable creativity and outstanding operational expertise. Its project portfolio includes Royalmount™, Quartier DIX30™and the Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences Montreal.

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