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MONTREAL, June 12, 2015 – Devimco Immobilier Inc. and Immobilier Carbonleo Inc. applaud the adoption by the National Assembly of Quebec of the Act to allow the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ) to carry out infrastructure projects.

With a united voice, the two companies wish to offer their full cooperation to participate in the establishment of a Light Rail Transit (LRT), a new mode of public transport that they favour to connect Montreal and the South Shore via the new Champlain Bridge. A public transport project on the new Champlain Bridge is one of the major infrastructure projects identified by the CDPQ.

Although conditions have yet to be defined, the companies’ participation could be in a financial manner.

In the Brossard region, the LRT would have stations where Devimco and Carbonleo have plans for a new project: the redevelopment of Quartier DIX30™.

For the two companies, such infrastructure would create significant positive impacts for Brossard’s residents by shortening commute times to downtown Montreal, and by decreasing traffic during rush hours. It would allow a more harmonious Town Oriented Development (TOD) of urban centers identified in Brossard, in the Metropolitan Land Use and Development Plan (PMAD), adopted by the member municipalities of the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM).

About Devimco Immobilier Inc.
Devimco, which currently operates under the name of Devimco Immobilier Inc. is led by Serge Goulet and Mathieu Jobin. In business since 1997 under the Devimco brand, the company is a leader in real estate development in Quebec that stands out for completion of large-scale real estate projects, including lifestyle projects that combine commercial, business, leisure and residential components. Devimco was in fact the first real estate company to develop a project of this kind in Canada, which was the Quartier DIX30™. Since 2005, Devimco has been working on an $800 M endeavour: the design of the largest mixed use private real estate project in Montreal, the District Griffin™: a living environment where the whole social fabric of a true community is represented, as well as the O’Nessy project on boulevard René-Lévesque West.

About Immobilier Carbonleo Inc.
Immobilier Carbonleo Inc. is private Quebec-based commercial development and property management company. It is one of the creators and developers of Canada’s first lifestyle centre: the Quartier DIX30™. This exceptional shopping center is currently the country’s second-largest such development. Recently, Immobilier Carbonleo Inc. announced a major redevelopment of phases I and II of Quartier DIX30™, worth $300 M.

Immobilier Carbonleo Inc. is also leading the development of a $400 million mixed use project including retail, condos, and a 5-star luxury hotel, currently under construction along Rue de la Montagne, between Saint Catherine Street and de Maisonneuve Boulevard. It is part of the already- announced Ogilvy expansion.

Also, Immobilier Carbonleo Inc. recently announced its intention to build a new multifunctional urban centre, named “Royalmount Project” at the southwest corner of highways 15 and 40, representing an investment of $1.7 billion.

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Press Releases