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Montreal, February 19, 2018 – Speaking at the Canadian Club earlier today, the President and CEO of Carbonleo, Andrew Lutfy, proudly presented the creative vision behind Royalmount. This future cultural and commercial hub will be an unrivaled celebration of self-expression and connectivity that will awe the senses, offering a unique experience and unparalleled range of services, including shopping, entertainment, dining, wellness, hotels and offices. It is destined to become both a lifestyle destination and a shining example of Montreal’s economic vitality.

Unveiling new sketches and conceptual views of Royalmount, Andrew Lutfy took the opportunity to highlight the directions that have fueled the creative process for each project partner. “Connectivity and community are fundamental to the human experience. Royalmount is a prime opportunity to apply our expertise to create an exceptionally ultramodern project at the heart of the island. We will offer a one-stop destination that will seduce the next generation, and many more to come,” added the speaker.

Once completed, the Royalmount site will include an authentically immersive entertainment experience, both indoor and outdoor food offerings, new hotels and wellness centres, more than 1.5 million square feet of office space, and some 200 retail businesses. In addition, terraces, promenades and a central plaza will reflect the lifestyle of Montrealers. The addition of a rooftop greenhouse, as well as restaurants with local and world-renowned chefs will make gastronomy a key component of the project.

A co-creative process bringing together local and global experts

To ensure Royalmount’s unique status as unparalleled, yet integral part of the island’s existing commercial offering, Carbonleo commissioned Montreal-based firm Sid Lee and mobilized several local and international experts through a co-creative process. These workshops, which brought together retail, gastronomy, entertainment, technology and urban planning experts, fueled the developer’s work. “We wanted to be inspired by the best in the world, all while celebrating Montreal’s joie de vivre. Royalmount will be become a model for intermodality, sustainable development and technological integration, providing a true meeting point between generations,” said Andrew Lutfy.

Beneficial impacts for Montreal

The development of the site, the result of multiple collaborations with stakeholders in the sector, will lead to significant improvements, including direct access to the De la Savane metro station via a covered pedestrian and cyclist walkway, access to the future Réseau express métropolitain (REM), an airport shuttle and other amenities that will promote active transportation.

Traffic studies conducted by WSP have also demonstrated the potential to improve fluidity around the site by eliminating several bottlenecks. Seven road interventions on the perimeter of the site will reduce traffic impacts, while the creation of 12 access points to the site – both entrances and exits – will help improve overall flow.

The creation of Royalmount will help reduce the exodus of businesses from Montreal to off-island communities to the north and south, with a commercial offering that will complement downtown Montreal and other key commercial arteries. The project, valued at nearly $2 billion, will create 35,000 jobs.

Since the beginning of the project, Carbonleo has actively participated in the animation of the site by revitalizing the Salada building by creating a space dedicated to art and community, in addition to installing beehives to fight against the disappearance of bees.

About Royalmount

Centrally located at the heart of Montreal, Royalmount intends to create a bustling multifunctional urban pole that will be green, local, and innovative.  Set to include a wide variety of uses such as hotels, offices, commercial establishments, restaurants, cinemas, concert halls and other types of entertainment, the project will revolve around an animated space within a visionary complex with distinctive architecture.  Royalmount will be a new urban destination within the metropolis.  For more information visit .

About Carbonleo

Carbonleo is a private Quebec-based property development and management company.  Its mission is to create vibrant environments that offer visitors an unparalleled lifestyle experience.  Inspired by top creators and by world-class best practices, Carbonleo develops projects that fulfil aspirations of present and future consumers.  Founded in 2012, the company employs around 50 people and provides its clients with the outstanding expertise of its local and international consultants. Its various projects include Royalmount™, Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences Montreal as well as Quartier DIX30™. For more information, visit

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